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In the last few years of our work; we’ve been privileged to meet extremely talented and courageous visionaries who are deeply touched by a pressing problem and believe in their idea to fix it! We want to be at the heart of these types of miracles – taking those big and bold ideas into our innovation factory, to fine-tune them to transform the real world. The third defining pillar of our work

Whether it’s a sure-fire way to fix corruption at Local Government levels in Africa, or a resourceful answer to drainage crisis in urban centers, or a technology that reaches pregnant mothers in rural areas; our passion is to co-create with emerging leaders by converting their inspiration to impact.

With the LEAP focus of our Approach, we help social entrepreneurs build a venture around their vision through enterprise incubation. As an incubator; we walk with you on a defining six-week or twelve-week intensive growth path to clarify your mission, understand your theory of change, identify markets, constitute your team, frame your organization’s structure as well as find investors or funders. Making an impact is serious business and we equip you for just that!

We also offer consulting clinics to our clients, especially existing in the first five years of their operation, to gain expert advice on growing an enterprise model to sustain the organization, managing and motivating workforce (with effective, non-financial rewards), start-to-finish process for setting up the social enterprise/ foundation; strategic road-mapping and accessing funding opportunities.

See what we offer at ISIBINDI, Sprout Lab, and Advisory Clinic

    Ideation Hub Africa is a social impact incubator providing early-stage social entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals with experiential education, enterprise incubation, growth advisory and collaborative platforms to start, scale and sustain their big ideas for changing Africa.


    18, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Lagos