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ISIBINDI Fellowship is a four month long fellowship covering academic coursework, mentorship, networking, peer-based learning, funding opportunities and community project execution for social innovators within 3 – 5 years of their operation. ISIBINDI provides emerging global leaders who work for social good with the knowledge, tools, network and support for scaling their social ventures, evaluating impact, building revenue models around the organization and connecting with resources for their work.

At Ideation Hub Africa, we believe this is a ground-breaking intervention for transforming and accelerating growth in the third sector, because it delivers on four foremost needs including capacity building, collaborative ecosystem, expert guidance and funding for practitioners working in what we call the SHEEA impact areas i.e. STEM, Healthcare, Education, Economic Empowerment and Agriculture.

ISIBINDI is the Swahili word for LIVER. We believe that to change Africa; you must build resilience into the core of who you are and what you do. The framework of the Fellowship is built around Resilient Leadership – confronting adversity with courage, finding and fighting the root causes, taking the unpopular paths of purpose, and challenging institutional ills with dialogue and decisiveness.

The Fellowship delivers its methodology through ISIBINDI Retreats – free flowing conversations of experience-sharing, mentorship advice and vision-setting.  During the period, classes are both in-class and on-field; fellows visit local and international firms working in their areas of interest and meet with top professionals during the Expert Panels. Toward the end of the experience, our fellows work in teams to solve a Grand Challenge, usually culminating into a community project or a partnership with an existing enterprise. 

How to Fry a Fish to Solve Africa's Problems

We create strong linkages with possible funding opportunities but we are not responsible for providing direct funding or donations to fellows’ organizations.

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