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Policy Paper

In a constantly fast-changing world like ours, organizations/persons focusing on social impact have no other choice than to constantly re-invent themselves. As the demand for solutions toward reducing inequalities, diminishing poverty and ending bad governance grows, the means at our disposal to address such issues decrease. Therefore, it is essential to think about new and innovative models & approaches. 

Organizations, founders, development practitioners, social innovators at all levels and sectors need to seek out new drivers of growth to bring about sustainable social impact. Right now, with the current urgency in Nigeria, Congo and other parts of Africa, we have a brilliant & unique opportunity to lend our expertise for building Africa. 

As citizens continue to demand for good governance, accountability and justice through various channels, there will be a need for a Policy document that addresses these issues while putting into consideration the demands of the citizens as well as the peculiarities of each region. Although the speed and methods of reforms may vary across regions, it is vital that we recognize that a short, medium and long-term approach is necessary in creating the Nigeria of our dream.

While the protests, pressure-points and prayers are great, but without leadership direction and a policy plan; we won’t lead this to victory.