At the very center of everything we are and do; you’d find life-long learning. We find, as we continue to work with impact entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals; that at least half of the challenges they face in their organizations are linked to knowledge they do not have. A key reason is that change-makers assume wrongly that a passion to make a difference is all they need.

We also believe that many bright visionaries take too long to start off their good work, because of unanswered questions, unclarified thoughts and unclear perspectives around legal structure, business models, funding approaches, vision crafting, attracting staff or finding partners.

    Ideation Hub Africa is a social impact incubator providing early-stage social entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals with experiential education, enterprise incubation, growth advisory and collaborative platforms to start, scale and sustain their big ideas for changing Africa.


    18, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Lagos