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Social Profit School

The Social Profit School delivers experiential education to social entrepreneurs, non-profit/ NGO professionals, CSR practitioners, development actors and government stakeholders; in creative safe spaces that drive introspection, hands-on knowledge and learning that sticks. Our Courses are built with an interesting blend of local content and global best-practice as well as workable insight that you can start to use the moment you get back to work – because learning that is doable is durable!

We understand that because your motivation and work within the social sector is different; your learning requirements are also very unique. Our Curriculum reflects very strong understanding of the technical expertise, regulatory factors as well as project and people management dynamics that make any development-focused organization succeed. Our learner-centered approach integrates multi-media content, case studies, syndicates, role playing and facilitator-led training.

Whether delivered in-class, online, open or in-house (specific to a client); our short sessions, week long courses or certification programs equip your capacity to:

Understand Nigeria’s social sector as well as Africa’s key development challenges.

Address pressing problems within communities and larger systems through innovation models.

Build successful ventures around big ideas.

Start, scale and sustain social enterprises, non-profits, hybrids or for-profits with a social purpose.

Drive collaborations within and across sectors for creating and sustaining change.

Identify and engage key stakeholders for development including the government.

Create sustainable solutions in partnership with communities and beneficiaries, not without them.

Raise social capital, funding and impact investment.

Grow stronger corporate commitment to social innovation through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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